Sunday, July 08, 2018

Pushing Through

For the first time this year, I feel pretty relax even thou I have abundant workload lining in my Google Doc. How come? Where's my usual anxious-and-restless-mind go? Well, dear friends, turns out there's nothing a good night sleep can cure. I've been putting my resting time on top priority for the last 3 weeks. I don't even bother to spare time to work out haha. If I feel drained, I will make sure that I eat right then go straight to bed. If I feel like I can stay up longer, I will try to finish as many work as possible. I also spoil myself with a lot of English Breakfast before bed. Please don't argue with me for the "unpopular choice of tea at night". That's the only decent tea I have at home. Oh, and another big change I make for the last 3 weeks is changing my dinner to something light like summer salad or cassava chips (HAHA, still chips thou). Holy moly it make quite a big different on me. I feel like I get up easier in the morning because my body feel lighter. Does it make sense to you? If it doesn't, my other theory is I'm too hungry to stay longer in bed that's why I can get up earlier than before. Which one to believe, it's your choice. Hahaha.

Fixing my lifestyle is necessary, cause lately I feel like I'm in the middle of another life changing moment. I realise I need to be stronger, psychologically speaking. And one impactful habit to develop starts from the little things, like what I eat, how I start my day, what kind of music I choose, my state of mind before falling asleep. Okay, concrete example: whenever I come home to a clean and tidy room, I always get a better quality of resting. I also feel more comfortable to work even until past midnight in my room. That's why I shouldn't skip cleaning up my room every morning before leaving to the office. Another concrete example: whenever I have fresh veggie or fruits for breakfast, I feel less sleepy in the morning. Sometimes, I don't even drink coffee and I'm still well "lit" for the rest of the day. It's because I put "nutrients" in body, not just stuffing it with any food so it's full. Whenever I have fried food for breakfast, I get bloated and my body feels a bit heavy. The only down side of full fruit and veggie breakfast for me is my low blood pressure, so I still combine it with meat sometimes.

It's hard to change old habit. I confess sometimes I cheat by eating instant noodle before sleep. Then I regret it in the morning cause I don't feel good waking up with bloated tummy. But what is life without constant changes here and there? Remember, eyes on the prize people. There's a bigger things we chase in this life, other than satisfying our craving, our lust. I want to believe that I can be a better version of myself if I can manage my mind and my body better. It's always hard in the beginning, just like 4 years ago when I decided to change for the better too. But I passed that phase well. This time, I will overcome it too.

Cheers for those who refuse to stop growing and developing to be the person you always want to be.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The First Day of Summer 2018: Overthink

Yes, let's not think. Let's just, let everything slips away for once. Let's just savour this moment to the very last drop, till the very last bit of summer days evaporate to the thin air. I've been thinking too hard to make this weekend wonderful when it is already wonderful even without me putting anything on this space. The intention is of course to make this moment ever last by writing it down, but my brain is doing just fine lately that I think it's fine to pass on this one.

Hello June. This month has been anything but being blessed and loved. I visited my grandma earlier this month, I took my brother and sister to Ubud, I ate a lot of Balinese food, I took my family to dinner on my birthday, my friends got me my Jane Austen's dream shirt, my other friend sent me a sweet note on my birthday, the whole office sang me Happy Birthday on the first day back at work and a friend of mine just dropped off my favorite Lunpia Semarang at home. This month can't be any better, really, but it keeps going. Summer is really here because for the past week, the night sky has been the prettiest and the moon shines the brightest. Summer night is always the best.

I wish I could invite anyone who's willing to peek at my June days. It is that good that I wish I can just share all of this happy feeling with everyone by writing it down. I feel so grateful for everything, including the fact that I broke my bank account to buy a Docmart (dat stuff is expensive *sign*). I think my only complain is, it's going to fast, way to fast.

Please stay a moment. Let's just hang out. We don't even have to talk. Let's just, be each other's company for a little longer, June.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rain on June

It's raining tonight! I will take it as early birthday present <3 p="">
(I take every single good thing as birthday presents for the last 7 days)