Thursday, December 07, 2017


I was in the back of Gojek while writing this, going back home from work

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Ubud Archive: Reconnecting

Oct 28th 2017

I was taken by surprise. Ubud was hot, humid-hot kind of weather. I was dozing off as the heat stinged my skin. But the smell stayed the same. I remembered it clearly. A distant smell of fresh flowers from the market and mango sorbet in the air. The wall is still the same: close, intimate. They are not meant to separate, they're just a reminder that even in a city so multicultured, we still have our own space.

It's nice to be home for the weekend.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Ubud Archieve: Gourmet

Naturally, the first thing I did when I reached Ubud was my all time favorite Mexican treat, Taco Casa. It's easily becoming a tradition, like nothing feels more "Zen" than a big plate of chicken nachos and that goddam guacamole combine with Ubud breeze as my welcome drink in the hood. My spot is the table by the window. Best seat at the house.

I don't know why, I always feel like I'm eating better at Ubud, in terms of quality. Probably because it's so easy to find healthy food in the hood. Every time I come home to Ubud, food adventure is always on the list. And every time I come home, there's always interesting places to try. The hip place, the artistic place, the hot spot, the stay-all-night-place. I always find fascinating things that I want to explore. The people, I adore their commitment in crafting the food, the ambiance. It's not always about business, sometime I feel it's more about your passion, something you do over and over again because you can't help but wanting to make the best out of it. That's probably why the food tastes so good there.

Tuna Roll at Bali Buda made me rollin in the 7th sky.

I'd done my complete in-depth review about some of my favorite spots at Ubud and the list hasn't changed much. But there is a place I recently found that I love love love so much. Both for the food and the ambiance. I had a lunch there with Fifi, my UWRF mate for the last 2 years and Acid, a new friend I made on The Poet Club at UWRF 2017. It was an exceptionally hot day at Ubud, not to mention it's super humid too. We were looking for shelter from the heat until later in the afternoon when the last session started. So we decided to brave the heat, drove 7 km to Habitat.

Habitat is a well known resto in Ubud, specially because it shares roof with the most talked about co-working place there, Hubud. I was underestimated it at first. I thought, it's probably an overpriced place with so so tasted foods. I was wrong. The foods are delicious. So delicious. So delicious. And I repeat it 3 times because they are that good. I ordered Orange Fried Chicken with steamed rice, Fifi ordered Signature Burger and Acid ordered Chicken and Chips. All of them are so good. We did try out each other menus and we agreed that place would be officially on the list of "Must-Visit".

Actually, the menu they serve is kind of the same with most of the restos/cafes at Ubud. I think what makes them so good is there's no bullshit taste on the food. Do you ever experience reading a menu and the food sounds amazing but when they come it's just, meh? The Orange Fried Chicken exactly tastes like a very good fried chicken with orange glaze, served hot and crispy. There's no secret ingredients or special technique or magic. Habitat serves exactly what they write in the menu and more. That's also implied on the Signature Burger and Chicken and Chips my friends ordered. No bullshit food. What's lacking from the food was just, we didn't take pictures of them. Not even one picture. We went full savage when they served the food hahaha.

PS: as always, I link the instagram/google maps at the picture so you can find them easier. Just click click ;)