Thursday, March 23, 2017

Season Change

Do you have something you keep on your bookmark that you only open it whenever you feel down?

It's about time to change
The White Rabbit is out of range
The sweater burried under
No more picture of the lover

It's only natural to put on linen
Cause the heat is unforgiven
And the space in between finger
Held by a beautiful stranger

The world still revolves
Feeling evolves
Hair grow back longer
And those eyes shine brighter

PS: The beautiful video belongs to Sonia Eryka. I love her works, a lot. I regularly revisit this video whenever I feel like bursting and going mad. Time passes, storms ends, lesson learned and you move on. Season will always change my dear, so try to get back up on your own feet.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yesterday Once More

This is a journal post I wrote last Saturday after a meeting. I had 30 minute before my next schedule, so I decided to wait at McDonald's accompanied by iced coffee. I didn't get a chance to finish this post later, or even on Sunday. Monday came and I had a pile of unfinished deadlines lining up. But I really want to finish this post, so here we go.


Kicking off weekend with a morning meeting. And, I don't hate it. Haha. I'm glad I have a reason to wake up early, get showered and have breakfast with mom. Mom made me a glass of avocado juice. I sprinkled a bit choco chip on top. It was really good.

I think I'm finally get used to my effort of cutting back on junk food. I usually have juice or banana and coffee for breakfast. Sometime I crave for steam rice and anything fried. But so far, I can manage everything pretty well. To my surprise, my mind has not been complaining much about the lack of trans-fat I consumed for the last 2 weeks. Here I'm, sitting at McDonald's and I'm cool with not having the fried chicken and fries, 2 of my ultimate favorite food. I'm calmly sitting at the corner, religiously sipping my coffee. I don't even think about fried chicken. It feels weird. As much as my mind sends the brain a signal to have fried chicken, it's not strong enough to make me order it.

Is it a good thing? I'm not sure. I think things go to a better direction, but not quite there yet. My goal is to bring back the green smoothies and steamed veggies to daily basis, my fave menu when I was working on my final assignment for my bachelor degree. It's actually quite a story. I should write it down before I forget the details. One thing I'm still pretty concerned is the time to work out. I've been trying to spare an hour after work to do HIIT or light cardio. But there are time when I'm so exhausted and all I want is hitting the bed. I need to set my standard right.

I'm having another meeting at 1 pm. It should be an interesting one cause I'll be meeting several new people there. I look outside the glass wall. The sun is shining bright, it's almost too hot to wear long sleeves now. I think I'll scoop a summer dress or two later, depends on the digits on my bank account. Haha.

Today is going well. I'm so grateful for the time I have right now :)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Carrie On, Monday: Seeing Through

Picture from

The old says, eyes are the window of the heart.

Of course it would be nice if you find the door (and a key set) to his heart right away. Cause you don't have to peek through the window, you can enter the heart. Peeking, my friends, is no good habit. Peeking is risky, because you tend to play guess of what's really inside. It's highly not recommended for those with fragile heart and a mindset of Elizabeth Bennet.

Then, how are you supposed to find the door and the key? Well, I'm afraid you can't really find an answer here. You can ask Carrie, for an advice to get as close as possible with the answer. As close as possible, but not quite there, yet. You are the only one who can figure out the rest of the story. And there are only 2 possible ending for you: a beginning of happily ever after or a scattered broken heart and "lesson learnt, not going there anymore".

I personally, love the peeking game. High risk, high return. Go big or go home. Playing such a dangerous game so many times doesn't make me an expert. I sometimes stare to long that I can't no longer trust my own judgement. I get lost in a pair of clear brown eyes that reflect the sunshine. So many times, I thought them eyes smile at me when it's probably a mockery of my stupidity. I don't know. I can't tell which is which. I keep on guessing and playing, without really asking the truth. I thought, only tongue can tell lies. Turns out, those pair of kind looking eyes, the window to whatever they hide deep in their chest, can play better roles. That or, I simply don't know how to play the game from the start. I'm being genuine, when that's the least thing I have to be.

Maybe Warhol is right. People should fall in love with their eyes close. But Mr. Warhol, I'd like to add gagged mouth, tied hands and wear only undergarments. That way, we have less things to hide.